Rajashree Varma Co-Founder mirro.ai

Dream Big and Achieve Bigger: Rajashree Varma Shares Her Entrepreneurial Journey

Must-Listen Insights on Goal Setting and Emotional Resilience in Business

We are excited to share an inspiring resource for anyone harboring a dream and the ambition to achieve it. Our co-founder, Rajashree Varma, recently featured in an enlightening interview where she delves into the art of setting and accomplishing Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG). This interview is a treasure trove of insights for aspiring entrepreneurs and dreamers.

Thank You, Stephanie Hammond, CFA

A heartfelt thank you to Stephanie Hammond, CFA, for this engaging and insightful interview. Your platform provided the perfect stage for Rajashree to share her invaluable experiences and knowledge.

A Candid Conversation with Rajashree Varma

In this interview, Rajashree, the founder of AffableBPM Corporation and co-founder of mirro.ai, gets candid about her journey and the practical systems she employs to set and achieve lofty goals. She also discusses how to manage the emotional complexities that arise while pursuing these ambitions.

From Dreams to Reality

Rajashree shares her captivating story, starting from her graduation from Asia’s first women’s engineering college to achieving her two primary dreams: working for Microsoft and starting her own business. Her journey is a testament to the power of determination, strategic planning, and resilience.

Where to Listen

The interview is available across multiple platforms. Whether you prefer Apple, Spotify, YouTube, or other streaming services, you can access this motivating conversation at the following links:

Join the Conversation

We encourage everyone to listen to this interview, especially those navigating the entrepreneurial landscape or setting ambitious goals. Rajashree’s story is a powerful reminder of what can be achieved with vision, courage, and persistent effort.

Don’t forget to engage in the conversation using hashtags like #femalefounder, #entrepreneur, #womenintech, #dreambigger, and #womeninsoftware. Let’s spread the word and inspire more individuals to pursue their dreams with confidence and clarity.

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