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[Los Gatos, 1/18/2023], Inc., a revolution in AI-driven emotional intelligence communication, proudly announces a groundbreaking collaboration with SRI, an esteemed independent nonprofit R&D institute with nearly eight decades of pioneering innovation, including the development and spin-off of Siri (later acquired by Apple). 

About is an EI-AI coaching platform that analyzes people’s tone of voice, body language, and word usage to detect and annotate non-verbal cues and then provides contextual tips on how to act on them effectively. That empowers individuals and organizations to master social interactions. By leveraging advanced patent-pending technology, identifies and scores emotional cues and provides analytics, to quantify non-verbal cues in remote conversations. improves communication for personal and professional growth. It saves time and money while making non-verbal cues count. 

We are excited to work closely with global R&D leader, SRI. SRI’s research and curated data play a crucial role in our behavior AI’s ability to confidently find non-verbal cues. The alliance with SRI bolsters mirro’s commitment to creating scientific and innovative behavior AI solutions for our customers. said Maithilee Samant, CEO of 

About SRI: 

SRI stands as a global leader in research and development, with deep-rooted contributions to Silicon Valley’s technological landscape. With a nearly 80-year legacy of innovation spanning diverse industries and a commitment to addressing the world’s most significant challenges, SRI has been a catalyst for creating new industries, generating billions of dollars in market value, and delivering lasting benefits to society. 

“We are thrilled to join forces with in their pursuit of leveraging AI for emotional intelligence quantification and analytics. Our collaborative efforts aim to push the boundaries of innovation, combining’s expertise in emotional intelligence analysis with SRI’s legacy of groundbreaking research,” commented Casey Estes, SRI Ventures

Unlocking Potential Through Collaboration: 

The deep collaboration will see utilizing valuable data collected by SRI to further enhance its AI models. This alliance signifies a pivotal moment for, reinforcing the platform’s credibility and helping our customers with their business scenarios to increase the bottom line. extends its gratitude to its internal investors, advisors, and partners for their continued support. The company looks forward to the opportunities this collaboration brings in the ever-evolving landscape of AI-driven emotional intelligence coaching. 

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