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Enhancing Telehealth with AI-Powered Patient Interaction Analysis

AI-powered triaging with emotional insights to elevate decision-making, and better outcomes Seamlessly integrate in just two weeks Reduce burnout, save time, and increase efficiency for your triaging staff  Empower providers with intuitive dashboards and reports for informed decision-making

Beyond the Screen: Unseen Challenges in Telehealth


Telehealth settings face significant challenges in accurately interpreting emotions and non-verbal cues


Healthcare staff experience burnout due to overwhelming workloads, impacting the quality of patient care


Telehealth providers spend excessive time on manual interpretation of patient interactions.

The ROI of Empathetic AI Triage

Designed to enhance Telehealth services by leveraging advanced artificial intelligence to analyze patient interactions, providing valuable insights and improving the overall quality of care.


Increase in Overall Efficiency
Allows healthcare professionals to manage more patients effectively within the same timeframe.


Savings Per Provider Annually
Reduces the need for redundant assessments and streamlines workflows.
Wait Time Reduction


Reduction in Wait Times
Ensures patients receive timely care and reduces the likelihood of condition worsening due to delays.

mirro's Offerings

AI-Enhanced Triaging

Goes beyond basic patient information: mirro Analyzes and quantifies patient emotions to provide a deeper understanding of their needs.

Augments triaging staff and nurses: mirro provides valuable insights into nonverbal cues that may be missed during traditional assessments.

Enables informed clinical decisions: mirro helps healthcare professionals make more accurate and effective triage decisions.


mirro provides valuable insights into patient stress and emotional states through pre-consultation intake forms. This helps healthcare providers perform more accurate and effective initial patient evaluations, allowing for better-targeted care from the beginning.


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mirro Triage and mirro Triage Copilot for PTSD and Mental Health

AI Integrated Capability for Enhanced Patient Care

At mirro, we recognize the pressures of integrating cutting-edge AI technologies into your tech solutions. While adopting AI solutions is vital, it’s equally important to ensure they are empathetic. mirro’s capabilities augment healthcare providers by delivering real-time emotional insights and comprehensive analysis of non-verbal cues, accurately evaluating patient emotions. We are here to support you every step of the way, ensuring that you can focus on what matters most—providing outstanding care to your patients.

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Enhanced Patient Care

Real-time emotional insights allow for more personalized and effective patient care, improving overall satisfaction and outcomes.

Increased Efficiency

Automated transcription and emotional analysis along with intuitive reporting free up valuable time for healthcare providers, allowing them to focus on direct patient care.

Reduced Burnout

By alleviating the administrative burden, Mirro helps reduce burnout among triaging staff and nurses, leading to a more sustainable work environment.

Improved Clinical Decision-Making

Detailed emotional evaluations support better-informed clinical decisions, ensuring that patients receive the best possible care.

Seamless Integration

mirro’s solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing telehealth infrastructure in just two weeks, maximizing efficiency and delivering the benefits of advanced AI technology with minimal disruption.

Empathy and Understanding

We recognize the importance of empathy in patient care. Our AI tools are designed to capture the emotional nuances of patient interactions, ensuring that your approach remains compassionate and patient-centered.

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