Plug-in Empathy: Humanize Digital Interactions

Enhance Engagement and Accelerate AI Integration in Just Two Weeks

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“Empower Your Solutions with Advanced Emotional Intelligence”

Empower Your Solutions with Advanced Emotional Intelligence


Key Benefits

Activate mirro’s AI plugins with an effortless plug-and-play setup in under two weeks

  • Increase user interaction and satisfaction by understanding and responding to their emotional cues in real time.

  • Reduce operational costs with AI that automates and optimizes communication processes.

  • Stay ahead in your market with cutting-edge technology that makes every digital interaction more human and relatable.

  • Easily integrate our plug-ins with your existing platforms, with no need for extensive setup or high costs, making advanced technology accessible and immediately beneficial.

Advanced Integrations for Enhanced Interactions

Elevate your existing end-user interaction systems with our AI-powered plugins. We seamlessly integrate emotional intelligence into your systems, enhancing the overall user experience. Whether enhancing current capabilities or building from scratch, our plug-ins ensure your technology adapts and thrives.

Empathy-Enhanced AI Listener Plugin

Our AI plugin analyzes end-users voice to detect stress and other emotional states, providing precise feedback on end-user sentiment.

mirro plugins

Plug & Play Assessment Plugins

Harness mirro's patent pending AI to analyze end-user interactions. This tool assesses energy levels, stress, and other emotional cues, providing over 22 different insights.

Interview Plugin

Interview Plugin will provide you with stage by stage assessment reports.  Select questions and let end-users record their responses, which our AI analyzes for deeper insights.


Reports Plugin

Generate detailed reports that offer actionable insights into end-user interactions, helping you make informed decisions to enhance engagement.

Dashboard Plugin

Get a comprehensive overview of end-user engagement with our intuitive dashboard, which displays real-time data and trends from various interactions.



  • Healthcare
  • Recruitment
Integration Suite
  • Robotics
  • Telehealth
  • Customer Call Centers
  • Job Seekers
  • Content Creators
  • Executive Coaching

Engage With Three Simple Steps

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Schedule a Demo

See mirro's capabilities in action and how it fits into your system.

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Customize Your Solution

Select features that match your specific requirements for seamless integration.

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Implement & Transform

Implement mirro and lead the way in advanced telehealth communication.

What our customers are saying

In collaboration with SRI—the brains behind Apple's SIRImirro is set to merge advanced emotional intelligence analytics with pioneering research, redefine the landscape of behavior AI solutions, and enhance personal and professional communication like never before.

"We are thrilled to join forces with in their pursuit of leveraging AI for emotional intelligence quantification and analytics. Our collaborative efforts aim to push the boundaries of innovation, combining’s expertise in emotional intelligence analysis with SRI’s legacy of groundbreaking research”

Discover the Difference with mirro AI PaaS

mirro’s PaaS Plugins enhance digital interactions by offering unparalleled insights into emotional states, boosting engagement and operational efficiency. This enables professionals across various industries to deliver empathetic, high-quality service, ensuring every interaction is personal and understood.

Frame 3847

22+ Emotional Cues Detection API

Detects stress, fatigue, and engagement levels in end-user voice and video interactions

business insights

Business Insights Plugin

Integrate an AI plugin to access detailed, frame-by-frame analyses that highlight when and where user engagement declines


Easy Integration

Seamlessly integrate mirro's PaaS plugins into your existing systems in under two weeks


EQ Boosting Content

Content reviewed and curated by pioneers in emotional intelligence

Explore Our Capabilities

At mirro, we recognize the complexities of contemporary digital interactions and provide Authentic and Empathetic AI plug-ins to bridge the emotional gap, enhancing your products within a matter of weeks. Our technology ensures patients receive the attention and understanding they deserve during every interaction.



Deep dive into audio/video interactions to refine understanding and responsiveness.



Provide systematic, unbiased feedback to foster better decision-making.


Diversity Inclusive

Language, culture and accent agnostic

Overcome Communication Challenges

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