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Prioritize Emotional Intelligence in Your AI Solution Strategy

Automating customer facing workflows faces emotional engagement challenges with end users. mirro's solutions ensure that efficiency does not come at the cost of empathy. While your staff focuses on mission-critical tasks, mirro's multimodal Empathetic AI thoroughly analyzes customer interactions: phone calls, online meetings, videos, interviews, recordings, and texts to give you insights into how your customers are feeling and what needs immediate attention. 

Businesses reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve customer satisfaction by plugging in empathetic AI in their workflows. Learn how mirro empowers you to achieve these goals effortlessly. 

Plug-n-Play Multimodal Empathetic AI

mirro's AI solutions utilize multiple modes of input, such as voice tone, text, and facial expressions, to understand and respond empathetically. mirro’s modular architecture is flexible, powerful and easy to integrate. Right from out of the box web solutions, ready to send interviews, plug-n-play AI and UI modules to APIs. You get to choose what works best for your business and timeline.

Regardless of whether you have existing AI solutions that need to be empathetic or workflows that need automation from the start, mirro can easily power up your workflows with empathetic AI, making them efficient and effective. With mirro, you can seamlessly enhance your current systems or build new, emotionally intelligent AI-driven processes from the ground up. 

Choose one or more from voice tone AI, word analysis AI, facial expressions AI, or multimodal AI, which combines all modalities to understand how the customer feels. mirro's high-accuracy AI modules can easily be plugged into existing AI systems and LLMs, making your solution emotionally intelligent.

Create your own or choose from 100+ expert-designed questionnaires to evaluate soft skills and emotional states using text, video, and audio formats. mirro AI listens to and watches the answers and performs deep emotional and mindset analyses, generating reports with insights and dashboards to identify easy-to-miss emotional and mindset signals. Make data-driven decisions using AI that understands, captures, and pinpoints mental-emotional markers.

Streamline your call center operations with mirro’s ready-to-deploy AI modules for call review, analysis, and retrospective evaluation. Recorded calls are auto-uploaded to mirro, drastically reducing the time required to listen to calls. Utilize powerful dashboards to quickly identify areas needing attention and improve overall efficiency. Enhance customer interactions with AI-driven insights that ensure empathetic and effective responses.

Simplify your meetings with mirro’s Meeting Scribe and Real-Time AI Insights. mirro AI transcribes discussions accurately, providing a detailed written record of every important detail. Additionally, it analyzes conversations in real-time, reporting live on how engaged the meeting is, and delivering notifications and insights on key topics, emotional cues, and action items. After the meeting, Mirro generates a comprehensive mental marker and emotional engagement report, providing valuable insights for interviews and triaging.

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mirro Collaborates with SRI -The Brains Behind Apple's SIRI

In collaboration with SRI—the brains behind Apple's SIRImirro is set to merge advanced emotional intelligence analytics with pioneering research, redefine the landscape of behavior AI solutions, and enhance personal and professional communication like never before.

"We are thrilled to join forces with mirro.ai in their pursuit of leveraging AI for emotional intelligence quantification and analytics. Our collaborative efforts aim to push the boundaries of innovation, combining mirro.ai’s expertise in emotional intelligence analysis with SRI’s legacy of groundbreaking research”

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