Transforming AI Interactions With Human-Like Empathy

Increase User Engagement by 50% | Ensure AI Adoption 

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Transforming AI Interactions With Human-Like Empathy

Increase User Engagement by 50% | Ensure AI Adoption 

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This strategic collaboration is set to merge advanced emotional intelligence analytics with pioneering research, redefine the landscape of behavior AI solutions, and enhance personal and professional communication like never before.

"We are thrilled to join forces with in their pursuit of leveraging AI for emotional intelligence quantification and analytics. Our collaborative efforts aim to push the boundaries of innovation, combining’s expertise in emotional intelligence analysis with SRI’s legacy of groundbreaking research”


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Mins/day in Online meetings render manual call recording review.
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Valuable Non-verbal cues and insights are missed
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Annual losses for US businesses from ineffective communication


mirro’s PaaS API/SDK offers a seamless integration, powering your platforms with real-time emotional intelligence 

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22+ Emotional Cues Detection

Language, culture, and accent agnostic - diversity inclusive

business insights

Business Insights Dashboard

Non-verbal cues in user communication, system integrator assignments, overall engagement


EQ Boosting Content

Content reviewed and curated by pioneers in emotional intelligence coaching 

What we offer


Audio/Video recordings of customer interaction


Objective standardized feedback for informed decision making


Amplify productivity, minimize and boost revenue

Customer Gain

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Boosted Insights: 90% more CSAT data for in-depth customer understanding


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ROI and Savings

Operational Efficiency: Slashed operations costs by 50%, maximizing data use

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Enhanced Loyalty: Improved customer experiences leading to increased loyalty and trust


How to engage with mirro?

Initial Discovery01.

Launch with a 4-week complimentary trial partner with mirro experts to set your KPIs

Pilot Phase02.

Transition to an annual plan; enjoy bonus minutes and specialized training sessions

How to engage

03.Full-Scale Deployment

Refine KPIs, expand user adoption, and select your yearly subscription and ideal minute package

04.Sustained Support

Benefit from uninterrupted technical support and new feature access

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