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AI-Powered Insights to Identify Engaged Candidates, Make Smarter Data-Driven Decisions, and Hire Faster

The Hidden Challenges in Recruitment: Overlooking Soft Skills, Engagement, and Bias


Failure to Assess Soft Skills

Many recruitment processes overlook the importance of evaluating candidates’ soft skills, which are crucial for predicting success in many roles. 


Inability to Identify Candidate Engagement

Engagement levels can significantly impact a candidate’s likelihood to accept a position and their subsequent job performance. 


Recruiter Bias in Interviews

Bias can skew the recruitment process, leading to less diverse workplaces and potentially overlooking the best candidates.

*These statistics are based on data from these references

Boost Your Recruitment Success with mirro


Faster Time-to-Hire

Streamline your hiring process and fill critical roles in half the time.


Cost Savings Per Hire

Experience significant savings in advertising, salaries, interviews, and onboarding.


Improved Quality of Hire

Make data-driven decisions that ensure you select the right candidates for long-term success.

17 hr

Saved Per Hire

Automate time-consuming tasks and free up your team to focus on strategic initiatives.


Increased Retention

Build a more engaged and committed workforce by identifying candidates who are the perfect fit.

Comprehensive Soft Skills and Mindset Assessment

mirro assesses a comprehensive range of soft skills and mindsets that are critical for success in any role. These assessments are conducted through fully automated behavioral interviews and situational judgment tests, allowing recruiters to gain deep insights into a candidate’s capabilities.

Automated Behavioral Interviews

Gain deep insights into candidates’ communication, collaboration, problem-solving, adaptability, and leadership skills through realistic scenarios.

Situational Judgment Tests

Evaluate candidates’ decision-making abilities and how they approach challenging situations.

Mindset Evaluation

Assess candidates’ growth mindset, proactivity, accountability, curiosity, positivity, and ethical orientation.

Soft Skills and Mindset Assessment

Your AI-Powered Partner for Empathetic and Data-Driven Hiring

At mirro, we recognize HR professionals’ critical challenges in making the right hiring decisions. Traditional recruitment methods often fall short in assessing a candidate’s emotional intelligence and soft skills, leading to high turnover rates and inefficiencies. That’s why we’ve developed advanced AI-driven solutions in collaboration with leading behavioral scientists. Our technology provides real-time emotional insights and comprehensive interaction analysis, helping you make informed, objective, and effective hiring decisions. With a proven track record of improving recruitment outcomes, reducing bias, and enhancing the candidate experience, Mirro is here to support you in building a diverse, capable, and high-performing team.
Wait Time Reduction

Accurate Candidate Assessment

mirro provides real-time emotional and soft skills analysis, giving you a comprehensive understanding of each candidate. This ensures you select the best fit for your organization based on a holistic view of their abilities and attributes.

Efficiency and Time-Saving

Our AI-driven solution automates the analysis of candidate interactions, significantly reducing the manual workload for HR teams. This streamlines the recruitment process, saving time and resources while ensuring thorough evaluations.

Bias Reduction

mirro’s objective, data-driven assessments help eliminate unconscious biases from your hiring process. By focusing on factual insights rather than subjective impressions, you can promote diversity and inclusion, building a stronger, more innovative team

Enhanced Candidate Experience

Provide a personalized and engaging recruitment process with mirro. Real-time emotional insights allow for tailored interactions, improving candidate satisfaction and enhancing your employer brand. With mirro, candidates feel valued and understood, leading to a better overall recruitment experienc

Streamlined Hiring Proces

mirro automates and simplifies various aspects of the hiring process, from initial job postings to final interviews. This reduces the time and effort required for recruiters to find the best candidates.

Data-Driven Decisions

With detailed reports and dashboards, recruiters can make data-driven decisions based on comprehensive assessments of candidates. This improves the accuracy and reliability of the hiring process.

3-Step process

Comprehensive Skills Assessments that mirro offer

By using mirro, recruiters gain a significant advantage in the hiring process through a combination of technical and soft skill assessments. The platform ensures a comprehensive evaluation of candidates, allowing for more informed hiring decisions.


Technical Skills Assessments

mirro, in collaboration with AnzioLabs, provides a wide array of technical assessments to thoroughly evaluate candidates’ skills and knowledge.

Coding Assessments

Evaluate proficiency in Python, Java, C++, C#, JavaScript, and more, with questions ranging from easy to hard. Receive AI-powered code reviews for immediate feedback.

Cloud Services Assessments

Assess expertise in leading cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, covering a wide range of certifications

Speciality Certifications

Validate specialized skills in areas like IBM, Microsoft, Salesforce, Cybersecurity, and Project Management

Additional Technical Areas

Assess proficiency in front-end technologies (Angular, React JS, TypeScript, CSS), data science and analytics (Tableau, Microsoft SQL Server), and other in-demand technologies (NodeJS, Swift, Kotlin, GO).

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