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Welcome to Mirro, where our spirited team embarks on a quest for innovation with joy at every turn.

Committed to lifelong learning, we thrive on pushing boundaries to forge groundbreaking solutions. Our journey is fueled by a passion for discovery and a dedication to excellence, ensuring that every creation not only advances the field but also enriches lives. As we continue to explore the frontiers of possibility, we invite you to join us in this vibrant adventure of innovation, learning, and joyful exploration.

mirro CEO -Maithilee Samant

Maithilee Samant

Founder, CEO

Founder and CEO of
My vision is a benevolent AI that understands the depth and breadth of human emotions and knows how to respond to them effectively. I see this AI helping us better understand ourselves and others. is the manifestation of that vision.
At, we are committed to building benevolent and wise AI to help humans understand and bond with each other. Join us!
mirro Marketing Lead -Madhu

Madhu Challa

Marketing Lead

Hello, I’m Madhu. With a decade of experience in engineering and a successful venture into entrepreneurship, I bring a holistic view of product development, market strategies, and consumer engagement. I am focused on leveraging these skills to spearhead initiatives that not only highlight our technological innovations but also the emotional intelligence behind our AI, ensuring we make a lasting impact.
At, I see an unparalleled opportunity to merge my background in technology with my zeal for marketing, contributing to an AI-driven future that enriches human interactions.

Shridhar Gune

Engineering Manager

Senior architect with more than 20 years of work experience in information technology that encompasses architecture definition, analysis, design, development and deployment of large-scale, mission-critical IT solutions and products. Prajakta Kumbhare

Prajakta Kumbhare

Product Manager

I thrive in environments where creativity meets critical-thinking to address real-world issues and create impactful products. I pride myself in the ability to translate complex ideas into actionable plans, fostering alignment across stakeholders and cross-functional teams to work toward a unified vision.
My experience in startup and Enterprise, has allowed me to hone my skills in market research, user feedback analysis, and agile development methodologies, and has given me a unique perspective of product development in fast-paced environments. Combining this experience with my passion for continuous learning and product acumen, I strive to have our AI hero – mirro – extend its AI helping hand to the users and drive business growth.

Abhijeet Gund

Technical Architect

I graduated in bachelor of computer engineering. I have hands on experience in the technologies, ranging from designing and coding software systems to leading teams of engineers.

In my current role as Technical Architect, I have been responsible for creating a suite of software applications, ranging from mobile apps to cloud-based web applications. I have also managed complex projects, ensuring they are delivered on time. My experience working in Agile and Waterfall environments has given me the ability to create a cohesive, effective roadmap across multiple projects.


Ajay Patil

UI UX Designer

In the tapestry of design’s evolution, my vision stitches together a future where digital experiences are a vibrant fusion of innovation and empathy. With 3 years of freelancing in UI/UX and Graphic Design as my canvas, I paint a picture of pushing boundaries, where the user needs and experiences take centre stage.

Design is more than aesthetics; it’s about empathy and user needs. This philosophy helps my approach, ensuring resonance through wireframing, prototyping, and refining visuals. Ayush Nigade

Ayush Nigade

AI/ML Developer

Heyo! I’m Ayush. I’m a recent UC Berkeley grad in operations research and data science. My professional journey led me to, where I am dedicated to leveraging and advancing artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to elevate and broaden our service offerings. I resonate with Mirro’s vision of harnessing emotion detection to empower our customers in honing their communication skills for excellence.


Pawan Gurjar

Backend Developer

I’m a python developer with more than 4 Years of Experience. I have a passion for unraveling puzzles, which led me into the world of coding. My interest lies more in crafting robust functionalities, making the backend my preferred playground.

Chinmay Patil


As a Front-End Developer, I’m dedicated to building responsive and user-centric web applications. With 2.8+ years of practical experience, I specialize in utilizing React, TypeScript, and other fundamental web technologies. My focus is on creating intuitive interfaces that prioritize user satisfaction and accessibility. I stay abreast of industry developments to integrate best solutions into my work. Known for my collaborative approach and meticulous attention to detail, I consistently deliver high-quality projects. Committed to personal and professional growth, I embrace challenges as opportunities to refine my skills and drive innovation in web development.

Prachit Phansalkar


Front-end developer dedicated to crafting seamless user experiences and bringing designs to life through clean, efficient code. With a strong foundation in web development and a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, I specialize in leveraging React, TypeScript, and a suite of other essential web technologies to create intuitive, responsive interfaces. Continuously driven by a passion for innovation, I thrive on collaborating with cross-functional teams to deliver high-quality solutions that enhance user engagement and satisfaction.
Additionally, I hold certification as an AWS Solution Architect, further augmenting my ability to design scalable and reliable web applications. Currently based in Pune, I am committed to pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional digital experiences.


David Young


Vani Rao

Capital Markets Specialist

Matthew Lippincott

Co-Founder at Goleman Consulting Group

Michelle Hyde

 President | Founder at Hyde Group

Rob Wesorick

Principal Support Planner at Microsoft

Alec Roberson


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