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A Toast to Innovation and Excellence: Maithilee Samant Featured at EmpowHERaccess 2023 Awards

mirro.ai Celebrates Founder’s Achievement as a Finalist in the Cloud Technologist Visionary Category

We are thrilled to share a moment of pride and celebration for mirro.ai. Our visionary founder, Maithilee Samant, has been recognized as a finalist for the Cloud Technologist Visionary Award at the prestigious #EmpowHERaccess 2023 Awards. This honor, presented by Women in Cloud, is a testament to Maithilee’s exceptional contributions and innovative spirit in the technology sector.

Empowering Voices with mirro.ai

mirro.ai stands at the forefront of technological advancement with its EI-AI coaching platform. This revolutionary tool analyzes tone of voice, body language, and word usage to provide insights into non-verbal cues. By offering actionable tips, mirro.ai empowers individuals to communicate more effectively, enhancing their emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills.

Our AI platform, pre-trained on millions of call recordings and curated by emotional intelligence thought leaders, is both patented and language and culture agnostic. This makes it a universally adaptable tool for personal and professional development.

mirro.ai’s Impactful Business Use Cases

mirro.ai’s current focus spans across various key business use cases, with the potential for many more applications:

  1. Enhancing the Staffing Industry: Our platform assists the #staffingindustry by improving call analysis, thereby boosting submission rates and delivering a higher #roi.
  2. Coaching Students and Job Seekers: We are dedicated to coaching #students and #jobseekers, not just in what they say but how they say it. This focus on presentations and interviews leads to a #confidenceboost and #studentsuccess, equipping them for real-world challenges.

Collaboration and Accessibility

We are proud to announce that mirro.ai is available on the Microsoft #azuremarketplace, making our platform easily accessible to a broader audience. As #microsoftpartners in the ISV Success program, we are transactable and co-sell ready, showcasing our commitment to collaboration and innovation.

Acknowledging the Women in Cloud Community

A special thanks to Women in Cloud for featuring Maithilee Samant and for their ongoing support in empowering women in technology. Their acknowledgment not only celebrates Maithilee’s achievement but also underscores mirro.ai’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological and personal development.

Looking Forward with Optimism and Drive

As mirro.ai continues to grow and evolve, this recognition at the #EmpowHERaccess 2023 Awards is a beacon of inspiration. It fuels our dedication to creating tools that enhance communication and emotional intelligence, shaping a more connected and understanding world.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments from mirro.ai as we continue to innovate and lead in the field of emotional intelligence and AI technology.

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